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2016 Diverse Community Leaders Award Honoree

Parents in Action Group (Grupo de Padres en Accion), the Alameda-Brownwood-Catalina Community Leaders (West Anaheim, CA)

The ABC Core Leaders are committed to transforming their neighborhood .

The Alameda-Brownwood-Catalina (ABC) neighborhood in West Anaheim is a low-income, under-served community with gangs, crime, drugs, and substandard housing. Work in this neighborhood can be challenging, some would prefer to turn a blind eye, but not Victoria Hipolito, Deborah De la Cruz, and Maria Rosario Rubio, leaders of the Parents in Action Group. Despite challenges and even threats, these three have continued to advocate, outreach, and recruit neighbors to join in the project. Victoria, Deborah, and Maria have been key residents in OC Human Relations’ efforts to strengthen and improve the quality of life for residents in the ABC neighborhood. They have represented their neighbor’s and OC Human Relations at trainings, surveyed residents, participated in forums as neighborhood advocates, and helped design a strategic plan reducing crime.

These women have volunteered over 150 hours of their time in the past year. They are all mothers who have other responsibilities, yet still they have committed to leading their neighbors because they believe that the residents have the power to transform ABC.

About the Award

Our annual Diverse Community Leaders Award honors individuals and groups who have made extraordinary contributions to Orange County in human or civil rights.

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