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Diverse Community Leader Award

We recognize Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) and OC Opportunity Initiative (OCOI) for bringing funders and community organizations together to ensure the full participation and integration of our local immigrant communities.

OCOI was established as a collaborative effort with OCCF’s leadership in bringing together 20+ foundations and individual donors to provide almost $2 million in funds for outreach, education and legal services for immigration relief and citizenship. Together this group aligned behind the idea that immigrants and refugees are integral to every aspect of our community. Without the contributions of immigrants and refugees now and throughout our history, our collective well-being and economic vitality would be greatly diminished.

OCOI partners are working to build a coordinated infrastructure for immigrant-serving organizations that both enhances their direct service capacity and provides a platform for collective action on shared goals. Orange County has become an emblem for both the challenges and opportunities of honoring the contributions of the generations of immigrants who have helped build our nation. We believe in the promise and potential for working together across all sectors of the Orange County community toward sustainable solutions. The OC Opportunity Initiative remains dedicated to ensuring that our region embraces and integrates its immigrant communities to build a stronger future for Orange County.

About the Award

Our annual Diverse Community Leaders Award honors individuals and groups who have made extraordinary contributions to Orange County in human or civil rights.

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