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2016 Outstanding BRIDGES School Honoree

Loara High School (Anaheim, CA)

Loara High School works to improve the school climate for all students.

Under the umbrella of a school-wide anti-violence campaign, Loara High School and the BRIDGES Program have been built a network that includes the Ethnic Studies Program, the Theater Department, Peer Mediators, and Boys Town. The Ethnic Studies Program developed a civic inquiry project so students can develop perspectives on current local issues. In the Peer Mediation Program, leaders learn conflict management skills that they use to resolve peer-to-peer disputes. Over the past two years over 2,000 students have seen plays about the cycle of bullying produced by Loara Thespians. BRIDGES leaders collected student perspectives on teacher best practices and possible improvements to create the plays which were also presented to all of the teachers and staff. This year Loara incorporated Restorative Practices into their culture. Sixty students learned how to facilitate community building circles and a restorative retreat for chronically truant students was created to engage them and connect them back to school. Loara is proud to bring all these resources to their students and continue to work to improve the school climate for all students.

About the Award

Our annual Diverse Outstanding BRIDGES School Award honors a school that has done exemplary work to create a campus where all students feel safe and respected.

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