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2016 Diverse Community Leaders Award Honoree

Gurpreet & Bicky Singh (Orange, CA)

Gurpreet and Bicky Singh help educate and challenge stereotypes.

In the wake of September 11, when many Sikhs were harassed, the Singhs created the The Sikhlens Arts and Film Festival at Chapman University. This three-day event draws over 500 people annually to learn about and celebrate Sikh culture. Now Sikhlens hosts festivals throughout the country. Locally, organizers decided to work with a university in order to provide backing and scholarships to film students telling Sikh stories. “Our stories were not being told in the mainstream,” said Bicky. In recent years Sikhlens and the Singhs have expanded to sponsor cultural and interfaith programs and students in the documentary film programs at Chapman. This passion has also led Gurpreet to become a volunteer panelist for OCHR’s diversity training at the OC Sheriff Academy where she educates participants about the Sikh religion and provides a safe place for the Cadets to ask questions and challenge stereotypes.


About the Award

Our annual Diverse Community Leaders Award honors individuals and groups who have made extraordinary contributions to Orange County in human or civil rights.

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  1. Super huge congratulations for all the heart and soul you pour into bringing the community together!
    – The OC Human Relations Team


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